Found a Good DiAcro Touchup Paint

I am attempting to restore a 12" DiAcro shear. It has the original pale
yellow & dark green paint job, but a number of the yellow parts have been
nicked & dinged over time. I did some poking around, and have found a
really good match for the yellow paint. It's auto "scratch color" touch
up paint, in a 1 oz. bottle with a brush. The brand is Plasti-Kote, and
the color is designated GM 3854. Plasti-Kote is carried by quite a few
auto parts stores, although I don't think too many of the big chains
(Autozone, etc.) carry it. The Plasti-Kote web site has a retailer
formatting link

I have a model paint that might match the green, but I haven't check it
out yet. The green parts are mostly in pretty good shape.
Doug White
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Doug White
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