Miller Blue Paint

I've decided to make a heavy-duty cart to hold my newly acquired
Miller Syncro 350, along with my Miller Coolmate 3, a small set of
drawers to hold tools, tungstens, collets, etc, as well as my Miller
Millermatic 135 and three gas bottles. (Argon, Trimix, Helium) It
wouldn't really be portable, too heavy, but more to organize all my
stuff in one place.
I'm planning to paint the cart Miller Blue, and repaint the Coolmate
(bunch of scratches on the top), as well as repaint the top of the
I did a bunch of Googling to try to find paint options, mainly paint
codes, and found references to different Rustoleum options (Sail Blue,
Deep Blue Industrial from Grainger) as well as the "official" Miller
code to use with Dupont paints.
I am planning to use PPG Urotec AUE-100. I bought a gallon of it
several years ago to paint my Bridgeport head and a few other pieces
in my shop, and I will be painting all of my stuff in the shop with
this paint in the future. Goes on smooth as silk, high gloss, and is
bulletproof. (Acrylic Urethane, two part system) I'm a big PPG fan,
have used their stuff (Concept system) on a bunch of cars I've
restored over the years.
My local PPG paint store will do a color match off a panel for free,
so I moved all my Miller toys together (including my 180SD) to see
what panel I should take to the store, and if there are any color
difference between new (2000 vintage stuff) and older (1989 vintage
I have 4 Miller toys:
180SD Syncro built in 2000
Millermatic 135 built in 2002
Coolmate 3 built in 2004
350 Syncro built in 1989.
And guess what? They are all a different shade of blue! I had
expected a color difference between the newer stuff and the 350, but
not all to be different. The 180SD and the 135 are very close, but
the 180SD is slightly darker. The 350 is quite a bit darker. The
Coolmate is quite a bit lighter. I decided that I like the shade that
the 135 is painted best, so the cover off it is going to the paint
store to be matched. Also, the 135 is the most pristine condition,
the 180SD will be sold, so if I repaint the Coolmate and parts of the
350,(as well as the cart) I'll be pretty much set.
So if someone posts something in the future about having a good match
for Miller blue, please consider it with a grain of salt.......
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Jeff W
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I repainted a Miller XMT welder with Rustoleum Sail Blue, with great results. It is a very nice paint and is very close to at least some Miller shades.
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