Syncrowave 250DX vs Precsiontig 275

I am looking at getting a new machine that will deal with aluminum better than my old Dialarc. Has anybody compared the Miller Syncrowave

250DX to the Lincoln Precisiontig 275?

I am leaning toward the Miller, but the Lincoln looks like it has pretty similar features so I thought I would ask about it.

I TIG weld a lot of mild steel from 0.030" up to 1/4" or so. I also want to be able to work with aluminum from 0.030 to 0.200" . Miller's pulser looks like a useful thing for sheetmetal work.

Thanks, Bob

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As a Miller guy-factory trained and very active in the aluminum welding industry...

Buy the Lincoln P-tig. If you can pony up the bucks, the 375 works even better.

All the good stuff needed for aluminum was changed, I think, with the Miller Syncro DX series.

They just do not run aluminum as well as the old Syncro 250 and 300. They run much like the old Syncro 350, a transitional machine that was not the best on aluminum. Tungsten spitting, arc rectification and erratic arc at times.

A loping, blubbering arc is also typical of the DX series-might have to do with the OCV-I'd have to look into this further.The Syncro 351 had OCV issues.

DC on steel, either machine will do well.Then, again, a battery charger with a tig torch would do well.

On the other hand-if all you want tig-either the Miller or Lincoln would be a good choice, unless very precise welding is required.

The Lincoln has a slight edge here., as far as transormer machines are concerned. The inverters ( Dynasty, Aerowave ) are clearly in Miller's corner for now.

To the rest of the group-I am definitely not trying to cause anothe Miller / Lincoln debate.

Most machines from either mfg are good enough to make a living with-that should be the biggest consideration.

Anyone who wants to talk tig, especially aluminum, please email direct- can't get out here as much as I would like!!

Hope this helps a little.

Good Luck

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Ooh. looks like a fight brewing...

Miller ...ARRRRGH Lincoln......ARGHHH

Honestly I think my Syncrowave 250DX is better than my older Syncrowave

250. The pulser makes thin aluminum sooooooo much easier.

I was running a perfect bead across the SIDE of a pop can at 100 amps. Of course I had the pulser set to a really short sharp spike pulse. Pretty bead though.

And then there is the sequencer........oh baby, I love that sequencer.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Is that the best you can do Ernie? The guy said your 250DX has "A loping, blubbering arc" and even an erratic arc. Fighting words if I've ever heard them. ;^)



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Kelley Mascher

Sorry Kelly, but since my hand injury I just can't hold a knife well enough to fight.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Ever think you have a high(er) resistance than it should be somewhere ? - corroded connector ?

I bet there is an issue somewhere there. How much current is set up - limiting it maybe ?

Mart> Is that the best you can do Ernie? The guy said your 250DX has "A

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Martin H. Eastburn

Ernie-No fight here...

I'm sure that a Lincoln/Miller discussion is in our future.

Anyway-I really can't see a DX outperforming the old machine on aluminum.The one I ran was in 2002 was crap on aluminum.Hopefully they changed this.

Pulsers can be added to the old machine-while standard (I think) on the DX models.

I really have had little need for pulsers on aluminum,even for the 20 ga. outside corners I had a contract for a few years back.

Recently I purchased a Dynasty DX, which had a pulser on board. (Still have my 1988 Syncro 250 when I need that traditional lumpy aluminum weld!)

Find I am using pulse more often than not.It is a neat thing.

That said-as far as this discussion goes-The Lincoln P-Tig has an edge over the current Miller offerings. Remember, too, -I am a Miller guy and have been trained at their factory.

Lincoln has the edge currently on the most precise aluminum welding, with transformer based machines.

The inverters are Miller's domain-period.They have inverters down to a science, I think. The Powcon/Cyclomatic purchase must have helped.

Keep in mind that my opinions are just that-opinions.

I'm sure others have somewhat different views.

I would like to hear those views.

What counts is getting the work done-efficiently.

Any offering from Miller or Lincoln will do that easily.

Good Luck


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