Miller Syncrowave 250DX "field" installation of Sequence module

I earlier asked Ernie a question (offline) about getting my welding
supplier to let me field install a Sequence module in my Syncrowave
250DX I purchased last July. It was a real pain to get the new machine
home from the welding supply I purchased it from in my little pickup
and I didn't want to load it back up and take it back just to have
this added feature. I was hoping they would let me install it myself.
I was asking Ernie his opinion and he said to let him know how it
turned out. I decided to post this reply in case someone else wanted
to do the same.
I finally got around to calling my welding supplier and asking about
the field installation of the Sequence module for my Miller Syncrowave
They had no problem with me installing it. I assured them that I was
an electrical engineer (with 30 years of hands-on as opposed to a
"book engineer"), blah, blah, blah and didn't see any problems with me
installing it, if they had no problems (unless it affected my
I got the module package yesterday and removed it from the box and
discovered why they had no problem with me installing it. The PCB had
no logic on it and only had the 5 pots, 2 LEDs, and a flat cable. Now
I know why it "only" cost $310. The software and logic are already
built into the main machine. This PCB just brings the LEDs and pots
out to the user and enables the internal processor to use the feature.
The feature could have been fabricated by hand for about $25 or $30.
Oh well. Next I tried to install it and found that it didn't
physically fit. The spacing on the pots compared to the holes in my
machine was about 0.5" off. The box (and instructions) said it was for
a I called my welding supply. I uploaded some photos.
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They were at a loss and gave me the Miller support phone number and
asked me to call them and have them tell me the CORRECT p/n of the
module. Miller was very helpful. I actually had two questions for
them: one concerning this module and another concerning the spool gun
I purchased today for the 250MP MIG I have.
Anyway, the MIG and TIG folks are different depts...and I got a guy in
the TIG dept and asked him about the module. He said that my s/n
machine was an "old model" and that I need a different module p/n. I
explained to him that I just bought the machine less than 4 months ago
and it shouldn't be an "old" model and he started backtracking. He
said the "new" models just came out and that they were retooling the
Syncrowave 250DXs and that a lot of stuff would be different. I'm not
sure whether he was blowing smoke or not but I would like to know the
difference in models. I come from a service background (over 30 years
with IBM) and I know how little model changes can affect everything.
Anyway, they are sending me the "old" module kit and I will let you
know how it goes.
I also "bit the bullet" and purchased a spool gun (Spoolmatic 30A) and
adapter for my Miller 250MP (the old microprocessor version).It
installed with much less hassle.
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I found that the TIG was going to take a ton of my time to weld
(repair) a bunch of aluminum carts
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and I opted for the spool gun. I have since read through all of the
appends to this forum on MIG welding aluminum and spool guns. Next is
to see how well this actually does work for me. I'll keep you posted.
Randy Ray
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