Sport Mouth Guards


We make sport mouth guards for athletes that are custom fit to their individual mouths.

I was hoping someone may have some insight as to a sporatic problem we encounter with our products. The process involves two layers vacuum formed on each other with logos and pin-striping between.

1) the first layer (base color layer) is not a problem. 2) The second layer is the sticker or paper logo and pin-striping 3) The outer layer is a clear strata (coat) that is heated and then vacuum formed over the whole unit (teeth model, base layer and logos)

Occasionally, we have a problem with the weld in that some times we get small bubbles which prevent the two plastics from welding in those areas. The kids may bite on these bubbles creating a breach between the layers and in effect ruining the unit. We are certain that the two layer of plastic (EVA Thermoplastic) are the same.


1) is there something to the grain that we should consider? 2) Is there a compound available that is non toxic, non carcinogenic and won't alter the color, etc that we can apply between the layers to encourage the weld? 3) Is there a compound available that we can use that in effect hardens the molar (back teeth) areas that is fairly thin and permanently welds to the unit without risk of falling off?

I would appreciate any help you may have in this matter.


Rick Sasseville Onsite Dental Services

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