Differences Between Miller 250 Syncro and 250DX

I have recently come across an used Miller 250 Syncro TIG welder for sale....price to be determined.

When did the 250DX start selling and when was the 250 Syncro phased out?

What are the differences between the older 250 Syncro and the current

250DX model?

Of these differences, which ones matter versus which ones are trival?

Any idea what a good price for a used 250 Syncro would be?

If you were to buy a new 250DX, who would it be from?

Finally, can a Miller 250 welder be operated on a 50 amp 220V circuit as long as the welder is not used in its higher amperage range. The 50 amp circuit is already installed and will be replaced early next year with a higher amperage service.



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1 year and 9 months ago.

The 250 DX is all digital, with an option for a built in pulser and sequencer.

None are trivial if they are important for the work you do. I upgraded from the 250 to the 250DX just to get the pulser and sequencer. I use the pulser all the time, and the sequencer regularly. If you do a lot of sheetmetal and tubing then both are very useful.

I sold my old one for $1300 for the base machine.

Whoever has the best price. The base unit should cost around $1900. pulser, $200, sequencer $300.

It will work, as long as yopu stay away from heavy aluminum. If you pay extra for the power-factor-correction, it will be much happier on 50 amps.

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