Miller dialarc 250

Hi, I was wondering through one of my favorite surplus store and they had a miller dialarc 250 ready to go. It looked clean.

I was wondering about folk's experience with this machine.

Is this a good machine for begining? I just do small fabrication in my home shop.

I want to do tig someday. I have heard that you can put a tig front end on constant current power sources like this one.

What would be a fair price for a used one?


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The DialArc 250 is 10 steps above the average welder you would find at a farm supply store. They are used in light industrial, schools, etc. Very durable and very reliable, I've had one for 18? years with no problems. You can use it for TIG because it is a constant current machine. You would need a high frequency box, gas cylinder and regulator, and a foot control beside a Tig torch. They list for about $1,400.00 sell for maybe $1,200.00, used guessing about $700.00 for a guess. Go to the Hobart Welding web site and look at the forum on welding. Hobart and Miller are owned by the same company. Very good group, very knowledgeable people. I'm not a professional welder and I look at the site a lot because it's the best information I've ever found on the web. There might be other machines that would suit your needs better, but you wouldn't do bad to have that machine.

Good Luck, Kevin B.

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Kevin B.

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