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I have taken possesion of a Miller Model 250 AC/DC single phase 220/440 machine. Unknown age, serial # S415860. It's not a dialamatic, here's a shot

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's a big dog, 23 in high x 19 wide x 41 long Any idea what is a fair offer to the owner? Is this machine suitable for attachment of a TIG high-freq device? What could that cost? Thanks

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Paul Calman
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A classic Dialarc. We had a few left at school when I started 6 years ago, but they all have died.

Not really worth adding a high frequency unit to, but scratch-start DC tig would be doable.

These machines adjust the output amps by physically moving the core of the reactance coil with a hand cranked worm screw. The brass "nut" wears out over time and is hell to replace.

Make sure to grease the worm-screw.

I would be more inclined to welding aluminum with DCEP off this machine, than to try and mess with adding high freq to it so it could use AC, but if you can find a high freq unit for cheap, it can be done.

You still have no foot pedal control, which makes high freq starting....interesting.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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