FS-250 amp AC/DC Squarewave 1ph TIG welder

I posted this on Craigslist as well. (Anyone here gets a better deal).

250 Amp TIG/Stick welder - $2200 OBO (Taft, California, near Bakersfield)

250 Amp Tig/Stick welder complete and ready to use

Airco 250 AC/DC Heliwelder V "Squarewave" Complete with good Binzel chiller, near new Tig WP-20 (250 amp) liquid cooled torch 15+ feet of newish hoses, on a wheeled card with bottle storage.(will hold two bottles) Includes Stick electrode holder (so you can stick weld), ground clamp, Argon regulator and Ill toss in some electrodes, holders and some extra cups. Works great as a steel or aluminum welder and has the square wave option with controls to modify the arc for different weldments. Will weld as low as 5 amps and does a nice job on sheet metals or up to 1"

Not a fancy machine, (transformer based) Ive got welders with programs etc etc..but it does a very nice job as a general basic tig/stick machine. And of course..it was made by ESAB and badged as an Airco.

220/440 volt SINGLE phase, so you can run it in your garage. Cart has a tabletop suitable for Tig welding, storage drawers of electrode/cups etc etc (Im sure I can find some storage and include it)

Its in good operating condition, and good cosmetic condition (but dusty..shrug)

Call me, come on over and Ill put a bottle on it and you can check it out. Ive got several Tig machines and while I love this machine. I need the space and the cash for other projects.

I work in So. Cal, but am generally home Sat-Monday. It weighs about 600 lbs, but I do have a forklift to load in your pickup or on your trailer.


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Gunner Asch
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I think about that?

Does it come with a floating meth lab/sailboat?

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Probably not, but I'd bet the combination would make a very productive lake fishing outfit, given the proper electrodes.

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