Most incredible hail storm (pictures)

Today, we had the most inredible hail storm that I ever remember.
We saved a few pieces in the freezer. Look at the pictures with a
ruler and a lego person. Some are 2 inches long.
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Nice and hard. Does a number on cars and people. Hope you and yours are AOK.
I used to live in the Austin, Tx area and got orange and grapefruit sized composites and one time saucer shaped (flat dish like) that were thrown the edge of a tornado. Not a brag - just replaced a roof on the house 4 out of 5 years.
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Martin Eastburn
Thats impressive hail - We never used to get that size hail (here in Perth Western Asutralia) until 2010.
We had a storm that wrote off tens of thousands of cars in one go. Broken windows and dents. I still see them daily and they look like someone walked around them with a heavy ball pein hammer and gave them a whack every 2 inches or so.
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Gunner Asch fired this volley in news:
Yeah! Big hail is scary. We have hail all the time here in tall thunderstorm country, but really big hail almost never.
I got a photo of one of the stones next to a steel rule on the local NBC affiliate. We had one lone tower storm come through with some 2" hail back in late February. It sounded like the end of the world under my sheet metal roof barn!
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
Ignoramus23449 wrote in news:Rq6dnf-TZtiHY- bOnZ2dnUVZ
Pretty mild in comparison to the hailstorms that hit Oklahoma City four years ago:
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Doug Miller
Babies! :) Altho still tough on roofs, cars, etc., ... We're so dry I've been telling townies that worry about it "it'll melt" and there aren't enough crops left from drought that it'll matter much for them anyway as far as wheat harvest this year.

Worst one I've seen since one clear back when was very young that I remember piled up several inches deep was about 2005 or 6--softball-sized and larger w/ 80 mph winds that lasted about 45 minutes. Wind so strong that from about three feet off the ground to the ground it shredded the vinyl siding on the east/north side of the Sonic drive-in building behind the overhang for the drivein booths -- probably 15'.
An empty 2nd-floor apartment on east side of Mom's assisted-living facility had nothing in it including the drapes had been taken down for cleaning. Broke the windows and so near horizontal from wind drove them thru half-inch sheetrock on the inner wall about 8-ft from outer...
We've got t-storm chances for tonight thru Monday -- we're hoping. It's been so dry last three years we've not had a decent t-storm in that whole period which is our rain source. April totalled
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