Machinery and welding equipment for sale

Im needing to generate some its time to start clearing out
the spare stuff Ive got
40 Taper Mill, Vert/Horizontal.
Nice Taiwanese mill, makes a GREAT HSM miller. About the same foot print
as a Bridgeport, but also has a horizontal mill spindle in the column.
Ive just picked this up and while its nasty dirty..the places Ive
cleaned are very nice underneight. Table is in good condition and no
issues are noted. 220/440 3ph with 2hp vertical and 3hp horizontal
$2000 obo.
(photos available on my phone soon as I download the card)
This machine is located in Chino, California...and Id just as soon not
haul it home. Its probably 1800 lbs.
Abene milling machine. 40 taper
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Runs great, much power, very accurate. I don want to sell this..but I
need the cash and the room.
$1200 OBO
Rivett 918
Its loaded with tools, collets, chucks, slide tooling etc etc etc.
It missing the collet closer. Shrug Ive got collet closers up
the maybe we can modify something to fit and work properly.
It will need a cleanup and probably a repaint, but its a solid machine
if you want a classic, with little wear noted.
$600 OBO gets everything.
Airco Tig Welder (Esab)
Nice! Tig welder, 220/480 Single phase with Bernard coolant pump and
torch/regulator/pedal. I can toss in some spare ceramics and some
collets and electrodes, and probably some rod of various sorts
Welds nicely at 250 amps and is on a cart with table top. Nice machine
Exactly like this machine but includes a wheeled cart with table top
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Walker Turner 20" verticle bandsaw. Metal cutting, two speed gear box
plus vari-drive. A pretty decent saw for metal or wood.
Will need the blade guides rebuilt, (new Nice well made
saw and runs well.
$1200 obo
Airco PhaseArc 350 mig with near new Tweeco #4 gun.
Runs fine, but is 220/480 3phase
Spray transfers nicely! Includes gage and regulator.
$900 OBO
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Miller 35 Mig black face Mig
Runs fine, is in good condition, welds nicely. Even Ernie says good
things about them. 220vt, 1ph, 175 amp. Probably a mid 1990s machine
Decent gun, ready to stick a tank on it and you are welding. Includes
gage and some spare tips
$800 obo
Lincoln Ranger 9
Nice gasoline powered welder ( Kohler), 250 amps AC/DC AND Mig
9000 watt generator with 240/110 outputs.
Machine has 1800 hrs on it, runs nicely, includes stinger and ground
clamp. Ill toss in 50 lbs of rod to get you started if you need it.
This is mounted on a stand for shop use, but will truck/trailer mount
just fine
$1800 OBO
My Miller 55g is just about finished so the Lincoln has become surplus
to my needs.
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Hobart Gas 300 amp gas welder on tires
300 amp, DC only. Made about 1943, with inline Chryser 6 cylinder
Runs fine, wells absolutely marvelous! Needs paint..chuckle
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$1200 OBO. No lights on the trailer, so bring up a set of Harbor Freight
lites and we will put them on.
Rockwell 17-800 Drill press
Nice heavy 17" floor model drill press WITH mounted VFD and work lamp
all nicely mounted. Will change speeds via pulleys or VFD and do tapping
nicely. 220vt 1ph
$600 obo ( Im replacing it with the Aciero mill drill)
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Ramco Surface Grinder
6x18" with electric chuck and coolant tank and pump.
Copy of the venerable B&S 6x18. Complete with all guards, shields, tanks
etc etc and Ill toss in a bunch of grinding wheels, both flat and cup.
Decent grinder! Could use a coat of paint..but runs nicely as is
$600 OBO
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Walker Turner double Drill press on nice cast iron stand.
(2) drill presses on a 3 drill press base. 1/2hp, 15" 110vt
Everything runs nicely and is a great home drill press setup.
$500 OBO. Ill include a nice assortment of bits, vise etc etc
Feeler Second Ops lathe, with turret, cross slide, and the rare
headstock mounted cutoff tool. Lots of turret tooling!!
220vt 3ph. NICE clean machine and runs very very well.
And of course..Ive got tons of Stuff, individual tooling of all sorts
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Anyone interested? Trade, cash, barter...machines, cash, guns...the
usual Stuff we can trade for.
Cash is king of course. Cash gets you more consideration on the OBO
Some of this stuff may be priced a smidge high..some of it a bit low.
Make me an offer and we can negotiate.
I can come up with some pictures in a few days on anything you want to
One could not be a successful Leftwinger without realizing that,
in contrast to the popular conception supported by newspapers
and mothers of Leftwingers, a goodly number of Leftwingers are
not only narrow-minded and dull, but also just stupid.
Gunner Asch
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Gunner Asch
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Hey you own any of this stuff free and clear?
Still waiting for that proof of purchase on the Abene so we can get that deal moving.
It's been a week since I requested it...what is the holdup?
Too busy posting crap on Usenet?
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TMT-just quit already. If Mark provided proof of ownership or proof that he can legally sell the Abene mill you wouldn't buy it anyway. I don't say this in defense of Mark, I think he's an ass. But your posts are getting real tiresome so just quit already and post something about metalworking please. Eric
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I have a slightly newer Abene machine - they are really nice - horizontal and vertical mill in one machine, heavy, precise - if the HP is like mine, it's 6 on the spindle, 2 on the ways. Swiss made - the one downside is no quill that you can lower to use as a drill press or to get a better feel when drilling. I paid 3X that price and don't regret it.
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'Sorry to hear that, Winston. I'm having the busiest work schedule I've had in about five years -- all manufacturing and machine-tool business, no medical right now.
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Ed Huntress
You are a bright spot. Perhaps machine work is a special category, but most folks are struggling. All I need to do is count the empty houses and stores as I drive aound. Hang on for the inflation.
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It does vary somewhat by region, and a great deal with the type of work one does. But there's another factor that isn't talked about much and it applies in spades to machine shops and related business.
Having been reporting on the business for 35 years, I see something going on that always happens to a smaller degree in normal upturns and downturns. When things turn down, the weaker players drop like flies. This always happens. When there is so much business that it's overflowing the strong shops, in a big upturn, at least a quarter, and probably more. of the shops have no business being *in* business. They're undercapitalized, poorly managed, and/or loaded with obsolete equipment that isn't productive enough to compete. But they can make a buck when everything is going their way.
When the cycle turns down and after they drop off, the strong ones hang on. Then when there's another upturn, those stronger shops start getting busy as hell. We're hearing comments to that effect from some of the better ones who have been posting here. It isn't every category, and it isn't everywhere, but there are shops out there now who can hardly keep up with the work, and who can't find enough qualified employees to handle what they have.
My work has a small amount of that phenomenon in it, and I've started to feel it over the last few months. All of my work now is coming out of Chicago, from four different clients.
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Ed Huntress
I saw a sign yesterday, for a 'Lathe or mill operator' in downtown Ocala. it was in front of an employment agency, so I don't know who is offering the job.
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Michael A. Terrell
Seems to be a lot of maintenance and 1-25 quantity type of work, I am busy, but, it doesnt take much to make 1 guy busy, or even overwhelmed, for that matter. I have been trying to keep up, after the junior weenie that was my "apprentice", was hired by the shop next door while working there part time, (another story) / bailed out on me because he "couldnt hang", yeah, I'm pissed, both at the kid for bailing out on challenging work and going to a turning shop that only makes bearing races, and the guy next door that I trusted, "one of these days Alice, one of these days". So, I am at the 'puter, 3:13 in the morning, been at it since 1:30am, finishing programs that need to run in the morning. Almost burned out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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I have, right now, as much work as I can handle. Just started two new electronic product designs, both to be manufactured in the US. In the past couple of months, we've done major upgrades on two office networks, and have quotes out on three more.
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Gunner Asch on Tue, 15 Nov 2011 01:28:11 -0800 typed in misc.survivalism the following:
CALIFORNIA?S ?TOXIC? BUSINESS CLIMATE may keep it from participating in the recovery. If, you know, there is one.
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Short form: California has been losing business a long time. Between 2000 and 2008 California lost more jobs than startups created. But since then, things have gotten worse. Between high taxes, high regulations, and lawsuits over minor infractions of California's complex laws and regulations - why would any sane person want to start,expand, or continue a business in California?
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pyotr filipivich
In January, Second Son started as a temporary labourer at a small stamping plant. At the time they were working single shift. In July, they went to a second shift and put him on their own pay role. Now he has been informed that they want their best three operators assigned one per shift, and since he has the lowest seniority, he gets third choice - day shift. Gerry :-)} London, Canada
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Gerald Miller
"Republican presidential candidates Rick Perry and Mitt Romney both claim President Obama said that "Americans are lazy." He didn't. To the contrary, Obama has consistently and repeatedly praised American workers as the "most productive in the world," a bit of boosterism he has repeated dozens of times. His recent words =97 "we've been a little bit lazy, I think, over the last couple of decades" =97 actually referred to collective efforts to promote foreign investment in the U.S., and not to American workers or voters as individuals. Perry and Romney simply rip those words out of their context in order to mislead."
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Jack Rabbit
From the crazy ass Republicans, not conservatives. Most Republicans wouldn't know what a conservative is if he kicked them in the ass.
On Eric Hoffer's scale they are reactionaries, pure and simple. There is nothing, nothing, conservative about that losing position.
Sadly, you may be right. The Rs are shouting their mantras to each other and turning off the greater electorate that will decide next November.
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I'm a conservative. Too bad I don't have a party. It's been hijacked by hate filled morons IMHO that wouldn't recognize a conservative if he kicked them in the a**.
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Well no where did I mention that word. That term and anything that describes the left are long gone. This is whole new world and not many can or are willing to face that fact. The idea that America is the greatest nation on the planet has fallen by the side when a small band of who ever they are can do so much to change everything. I have voted republican in the past and would do so again if they were not so driven to decisiveness and would rather seen America fail then let someone else run things for a while. Just look at the fools drool over Obama not being born in the USA and being a Muslim and everything else they have tried to say just to bring him down.
I am not in favor of dismantling SS or any of the other social programs or willing to lay off teachers and fire fighters and watch everything around turn to shambles if that is what it means to be a conservative.
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Allen Drake

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