Nice Drill Press on sale at Lowes

Lowes is having a closeout sale on the delta DP400 drill press. Their
normal price for this drill press is $300 closeout price is $230. This is a
nice machine. 16.5 inch swing, 5/8 chuck on a #2 Morse Taper, 12 speeds,
3/4 HP and a work light. I just got the machine unpacked and assembled and
drilled some half-inch holes in holes in half inch thick steel. Operation
was very smooth. The machine is made in China but the fit and finish on all
the machined surfaces seems to be of first rate quality. My local Lowes
(Vestal NY) had 3 machines available, I don't know how many stores will have
the closeout model available.
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Everybody just keep buying from China and wait and see whats going to happen...
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Kevin Beitz
The state of the world scares me sometimes...
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Tim Auton
Recently, I haven't seen a drill press that wasn't made in China. Jet used to be made in Taiwan, but they switched to a factory located in China.
I've been very happy with my made in China drill presses from Harbor Freight and Grizzly.
I was at Lowes over the weekend and picked up a Delta cast iron belt/disc sander for $60 and a portable dust collect for $90. I plan on using the dust collector to vent welding fumes.
Lowes has several 6 and 8 inch bench grinders on sale. They also have a sharpener for $20. I wonder if this sharpener can be used for tig electrodes.
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I was lamenting the "China = automatically bad" comments. I don't care where something is made, I care *how* it was made.
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Tim Auton
I can remember when "Japan=automatically bad". Now, Japan is synonomous with quality. I suspect China will get that way with a little practice.
-- Gary Brady Austin, TX
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Gary Brady

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