Drill Press chuck alignment

I went to drill some holes in 2 inch pipe using my drill press and was amazed how much offset I had in only 2+ inches of travel. Is there a recommended way of aligning the drill chuck to true it up ?

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Clyde Edgar
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Sounds more like a spindle/quill problem than the drill chuck. They can flop quite a bit as they are cranked out. Might be able to epoxy some very thin shim stock, to reduce the play. Admittedly quite an inelegant solution.... :) Replace bushings?

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No. Remove the chuck (if your DP has a tapered spindle) and directly indicate the spindle. If there's runout there, you're pretty much hosed. If that runs true (within .001", this is a drill press, not a mill or jig borer) then clean the taper with acetone or something, same with the drill chuck arbor and tap it in solidly, then chuck a ground pin and indicate the ground pin. If there's more than .005" runout you can either try rebuilding your chuck (if you have a good chuck) or it's time to buy a good chuck.


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Grant Erwin

Are you saying that the drill rotation isn't true to the table, or that it is not rotating the spindle parallel to the chuck jaws?

To true up the table, one can chuck a dial indicator (at an offset from the rotation axis, of course) and gage the table at different spindle rotations; I've rarely found my own drill press table to be level (the factory 'pin' and rotating fitting are ... unimpressive). A few taps with a lead hammer is a suitable corrective measure.

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