Shaft mounted drill chuck?

I bought a used Fisher Scientific overhead lab mixer. The mixer motor is a rebranded Bodine gear motor with a direct drive output shaft and a gear reduced output shaft. The mixer came without a drill chuck.

Each shaft is .315 "inch (5/16") diameter by 1" L . I want to mount a 3/8 or so drill chuck on the direct drive shaft without adding too much length.

Originally these mixers were equipped with a shaft mounted chuck held in place with setscrews.

I don't know what the chucks are called so my searches come up with all kinds of taper mounts. Does anyone know what these chucks are called and where I might buy one.

The chuck needsto be hobby grade.

Thanks in advance


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Russ Meredith
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Hobby grade, no... But you can probably get a jacob's taper mount chuck, press the taper in and/or weld it in if you are really careful and then drill it out for the shaft. If it's a collet-style chuck, you can then drill and add set screws but make sure you put flats on the shaft or you may never get it off...

Total cost is probably $200 though so I'm betting it is too expensive.

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Joe AutoDrill

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