3-JAW LATHE CHUCK on a motor shaft

Is there a 3-jaw lathe chuck that can be mounted directly on a electric
motor shaft.I see all types of chucks that can be mounted on a
but nothing about mounting directly on an electric motor shaft.I want
to hold a few things that are made of metal,on a chuck from 200-600 rpm
so they can be polished
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John Ramos
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As I just recently learned, what you want is a "Speed Lathe".
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Tom Gardner
For the chuck try this:
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1070 model should screw right on to 1/2 arbor adapters
Don't have a motor shaft arbor adapter? Try here:
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OR try this for ideas:
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After putting this together, find a big rubber band or cut a section of rubber tubing to wrap over the edge of the chuck. If the jaws extend past the rim, they make efficient knuckle munchers. Ask me how I know!!!
Jim Vrzal Holiday, Fl.
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The runout on the motor shaft adapter is going to be terrible. That particular adpater is designed to hold a wire wheel.
Mawdeeb wrote:
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One concern I might have is the bearing life with suck a set up. the bearings in a motor are probably not good for this purpose. Might be easier to rig a step pulley and a arbor shaft to mount the chuck to. This would also allow you to use a regular motor rather than a gear reduction motor.
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Roger Shoaf
How do yu plan to get the motor to run at 200-600 rpm? Leigh at MarMachine
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Inverters are good... (with 3 phase motors)
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand

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