ER40 backplate mounted chuck

No connection in any way whatsoever to the company, but I just noticed on the back of this month's rag that Chester are doing a 5" ER40 backplate-mounted chuck, including nut and spanner for 28 quid including postage & VAT.

It is on their website, but differently-priced and deeply hidden (have to search for ER40).

May be of some use to someone...

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John Montrose
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Now if ER40 collets were cheaper......


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Charles Ping

Hi Charles There is, or at least was, a chap called Hugh who imports ER40 collects direct. Check E-Bay for cheap lathes and mills with a "buy now price".. One of them is him. Sorry to Warco Chester etc for mentioning their nemesis. He comes with a completely "neutral" recommendation, I have had no dealings with him, personally. T.W.

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the wizard

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