UPDATE on Stuck Chuck Backplate!

Well after staring at the chuck for an hour or so I finally got an idea. I took one of the long bolts that secures the chuck to the backplate and screwed it into to backplate from the backside a few turns. Then I got the biggest punch that would fit the through hole in the chuck and hit it with the hammer. The back plate started to seperate. After a few times around moving the bolt hole to hole the back plate was off. After cleaning the chuck up I realized I have a Buck 3 Jaw 8" Chuck. This is the first time taking a chuck apart so I wanted to make sure I had a few things correct before I venture any further. It looks like there is a pressed in piece on the backside of the chuck where the scroll goes in. There are also 6 bolts that hold this in from the front of the chuck. I have removed the bolts but haven't messed with the insert. My question is...should I remove this also and clear out any swarf etc that is built up inside and relube it or is it best to leave it alone. The scroll still turns easily. I can turn the pinion with my finger with the jaws out. I would just like to take care of it now while it is apart. There was a thick black grease inside of the backplate that almost smelled like burnt motor oil. Nasty stuff also a little bit if rust. Cleaned all that up and put the backplate in the parts cleaner for the night. All of the jaws look good and all of the numbers are there that correspond with the chuck. Now what is the procedure for putting it all back together and adjusting the runout? Also what are the torque specs on the fasteners? Thanks, Steve

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