Mac Spot 150 spot welder?

Guy gave me what appears to be an unused Mac Spot 150 spot welder
yesterday. He picked it up somewhere..really didnt know what it was
but did know I did "welding stuff"
Best as I can determine..its a 220vt 30 amp inverter based stud and
spot welder
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but it came with no directions, no consumables, nothing but the box,
the gun and the power cord.
I cant find a manual on Macs website. Any info on this would be
appreciated. Also some advise on tips and whatnot. If this thing would be used in spot welder mode only, for small boxes and
Ive never used any sort of spot welder before..know how they work
pretty much..but thats about it.
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Have a look here....Paul
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BTW i have HF 220 vac Spot welders , They will not weld alum nor galvy . Pool acid / "muriatic" acid / Hydrogen xloride / HCL will take off the zinc , to spot weld .
A non hand held , serious type spot manual said
120,000 times metal gages = amps minimum ... tips are never 1/4" face . i have filed mine down to as little as 1/8" and got good welds .
When they work , they are the fastest method of gluing sheet metal .
The book says if you need pans , bend up sides and weld . Why not cut sides as continous and roll edges around aluminum "bead" , spot weld , then make bottoms and spot weld them to the continous sides ..Much stronger , saves metal ..
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