Looking at Used Mac Tools WS1300 Mig Welder

Anyone know anything about the Mac WS1300? I wondering if anyone has
any information or experience with this machine. I'm also curious how
old it is. I stumbled across one used for a great price and could
benefit froms some input. Being Mac Tools I'm almost sure parts are
still availible, but haven't checked yet. I'll give them a call on
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Travis Hammons
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What type of welder is it? Stick, TIG, MIG? I recently bought a Mac Tools TIG welder at an auction and it's really a Miller EconoTig with Mac/Red paint.
On the Mac site they list a few welders but one with the WS1300 part number.
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Keith Marshall
I beleive its a 110V 130a mig. Its numbers are similar to the one on the Mac page. It has a regulator with a very small hose that feeds in to the welder. Could be a Miller with red paint.
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Travis Hammons

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