Spindle lock for bench mill

Hello all
I was wondering if anybody had modified a bench mill with some kind
of spindle brake or lock. it would be nice if they had included one for
tool changing!!
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James Crombie
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Check through the indices for Home Shop Machinist or Machinist's Workshop. There was a project to build a spindle lock a while back.
Bob Paulin - R.A.C.E. Chassis Analysis Services
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Bob Paulin
Hey James,
I added a neat little brake to my Bridgeport Model M head. Just a lever, with a 1" long piece of V-belt that the lever can push into the largest diameter (lowest) spindle pulley groove. It is mounted to the lower horizontal portion of the pulley housing, with a shaft through a bushing, and a knob/lever on the external part and placed so that the "business end" is "inside" the belt routing so that it never interferes. V-belt jammed in a V groove is really powerful. Works a treat!
I hope this is what you meant?
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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Brian Lawson
Brian, any pics??
Brian Laws> Hey James,
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James Crombie
Bob the search says "2003 Feb-Mar" anybody willing to scan it for me, Pretty please??
Bob Paul> James Crombie wrote in article
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James Crombie

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