Rethreading spot welder tongs?

I have an old Dayton 2Z543 hand held 115V spot welder. The tips screw into the tongs, but the threads are stripped. Been using it that way for a decade, but it's got to the point that I'm burning holes when the tips tilt and the contact area is small.

Any options to repair this without spending $91 on new tongs?

The copper is rather soft, so if I could just compress the end a little and re-thread the tongs and replace the tips, I'd be good to go.

If I squeeze it in a vise, I'll just make the hole oblong. I have a substantial V-block and a press, maybe three sides will be enough??? I don't know much about the dynamics of metal forming. Would pounding on it with a hammer in the V-block work better than trying to squeeze it?

Anybody got a trick for getting compressive force on multiple sides to shrink it.

Or maybe a highly conductive heli-coil?

Thought I'd get some advice before I made a mess of it.

I rarely use it, so the "fix" doesn't have to be production quality.


Thanks, mike

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How about making something like a keensert out of copper? That is a bushing that is threaded on the inside and outside.


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You can squeeze the copper using the 3 jaw chuck on the lathe. Squeeze, loosen, rotate a little, squeeze, rotate a little, etc. Eric

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6-jaw would better. Maybe make up a roller to replace the cutter on a pipe cutter and use that to squeeze things, Or you could braze the holes shut, redrill and retap. Use high-silver content braze if you're worried about conductivity. Dirll/ream the thread remnants out to clean metal, pack the cavity full of braze and flux and get the O/A torch out.


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Fill with 50% silver - silver solder , drill and tap.

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OK, how about drilling holes in the holder and tap them to take grub screws - if you hold it from one side, you would have a fair bit of contact area. Wrap the old loose workpieces with copper foil to shim it out a bit. I reckon drill/tap (coarse thread for soft material, is that right) at 3 places should be pretty bulletproof - dont know how often you need to dismantle it, hopefully not often.

No idea if it would work, it would be fine here on my Home Planet, dont know about yours sometimes....

Andrew VK3BFA.

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Andrew VK3BFA

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