Question on Miller Spot welder tips

I have a Miller brand spot welder, and after a bit of use it seems like the tips are froze in the tongs, and removing them usually strips off the tips threads. They are cleaned before they are installed, and tightened pretty snug. Is there anything that can be put on these tips to prevent them from seizing up in the tongs?

I also acquired a pretty decent amount of replacement type tips from a different type of spot welder. They are drilled for 1/4-28 threads, and are abaout 5/8 or 11/16" in diameter and are the type for getting alongside a corner. I drilled and tapped them the same as the Miller

3/8-24. Would a setscrew of 3/8-24 of sufficient length b e suitable for a stud to secure these tips to my MIller or does it really need to be copper or somethng else?

Getting all my ducks in a row so I can start to make the covers for my bandsaw, and figurerd the spot welder would be great in some areas and also to stick it together with until it can be finished up with MIG were necessary. Visit my website:

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Hi Roy,

I also have a Miller but the tips are tapered. I use a little, A VERY LITTLE, anti seize or Mobil 1 grease. Any excess will contaminate my recycled coolant water. If you have any questions or need a source of supply for tips, I have a very good vendor.

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Tom Gardner

If you order replacement tips they come with a tiny packet of red goo. It is the same stuff you can buy at car parts shops to prevent the battery terminals from corroding.

As far as I know the tips always weld into the threads on these things. I have had to chase teh threads with a tap each time I have put in new tips.

It helps if you never let the tips get loose. Also try not to overheat them.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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