Olin College of Engineering shop photos

You fellows continue to be helpful with my son and his schooling. I thought you might be interested in seeing what the kids have to play with. Of course the entire student body....150.. has to share the shop. These pictures don't include the "little" machine shops which are open

24/7 (the little shops only have Grizzly machines). And yes, the students are required to use the shop. Notice the laser cutter, the abrasive waterjet, the 3D prototyping machine and the machining center. Everything shines, and you could eat off the floor. If you have school age kids that have the knack, you may be interested in the 8:1 student faculty ratio and the fact that Olin doesn't charge tuition. The kids seem to adopt a certain cultlike mentality- perhaps it has something to do with the lack of sleep.

The Photos (1024x768):

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And an MJPEG .AVI (Quicktime will run it) of the laser cutter at work:

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Kevin Gallimore

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