Spot Welder Identification Question

Hi all,
(I posted this over in the welding group yesterday, but didn't get a
single response, thought I'd run it you guys too...)
A non-usenet savvy friend recently bought a near new Snap-On YA22300
spot welder on eBay. Here's a link...
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(Same link as above made into a tiny URL should the long address be a
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Question is, does anyone here know if this machine is just re-baged for
Snap-On? My friend would like to buy a selection of different tips
without paying Snap-On prices.
Thanks in advance!
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Hand held spot welders wont do Alum , nor glavy . clean steel works if the amperage is 120 ,000 times combined thickness . That limits the HF , $150 , 230vac model to about .060" total . I do thicker , like steel crate banding .
at 1.8 vac , everything must be perfect . tip cant be 1/4" , it wont weld ! When it does weld it reports with a strong pull together , like it had a power clamp ! Welds are always less than 1.5 seconds . ________________________________________________
Erik wrote:
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The 120 volt hand held spot welders do galvanzied just fine, it just cruds the tips up quickly and it does reduce the max thickness you can run. As for max thickness, I did a series of test samples of clean steel (no galvanizing) in 18ga, 20 ga, and 22 ga which gives you combined thickness of .098", .060" and .045", got full penetration adn weld integrety in all of them. The 18 ga strips would tear the base metal in a 3/16" or so circle, around 800 pounds on the tensile tester for 1 weld. YMMV and it seems to.
snipped-for-privacy@swiss> Hand held spot welders wont do Alum , nor glavy .
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