Who makes This? MB120A

A kind person gave me a Snap-On Blue Point MB120A with a broken gun, looks like the tip was screwed in too far. I see "Made in Italy" right on the front of the machine.

He also gave me another machine that looks to be made by CEM and is called a Mig I . I don't see any sort of specs on this machine other than the popular "Made in Italy" stamp on it.

The CEM or Mig 1 seems ready to go, save for a bottle 'o' gas. The MB120A needs the gun fixed or replaced.

So, anyone know who makes the MB120A for Snap-on? Any suggestions on a how to repair the broken gun or a good affordable replacement?

Anyone have any specs on the Mig I machine?

I have been hunting for a mig machine for something like three years now and here this guy GIVES these to me! I am so happy I could wet my self!

Thanks for any help. Thor

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Some guns have a diffuser that screws into the end of the gun and then the tip screws into the diffuser. If yours is like that you may just need the diffuser. A search of the SnapOn site for MB120A brings up a MIG110 welder.

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They sell a replacement gun for it for only $399!!!! And a replacement diffuser for a lowly $62!! But...

Welding Direct sells a lot of guns and parts so you should check with them. Here's a page with some info on the different types of connections and they mention SnapOn welders there but don't include model numbers.

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I'm sure they can help you find what you need though and the prices look SO much better than SnapOn prices. Their diffuser prices are in the $4 to $12 range. :-)

Best Regards, Keith Marshall snipped-for-privacy@progressivelogic.com

"I'm not grown up enough to be so old!"

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Keith Marshall

Think its probably made by Cebora in Italy............the guns on the lower models are not good quality, and you might be better to upgrade to a bette gun?

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Daytona Mig

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also has parts for lots of Cebora and other Italian welders and plasma cutters.


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It appears that parts are available here for the welders you mention

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This is from a google search on MB120A.



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Kelley Mascher

Hehe, that google search was fun eh? I was googling for a good 5 or 6 hours before I posted here,err, all of those old old ebay hits!. I found a couple Cebora sites but no glory.

The manual has an 800 number, 1-800-323-5929 which rings a fast busy. A google search on that number says it is lincolnautomotive.com but that site is gone. ......

Just searched on the address on the manual (9231 Penn Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55431) and it says it is Century Manufacturing Co., called their number and the recording says either clore or core automotive, haven't googled them just yet.

The manual to this welder is at

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layout is on page 18.

The part I am after is what they are calling #6 or switch, but it is a brass tube. The top of the tube where you screw the tip into is split and the nozzle wont fit over it anymore, I may just try reshaping it a bit and some carefull filing and then solder. It also seems that I am missing part #5 spiral liner but then again I have already had to do some clean up on things put in wrong by the previous owner,tension spring, tighten screws all over the place and stuff like that. Now it looks like I will be needing a liner, the liner in it now is nylon or plastic and it is clogged about 2 feet up from the welder. Odd that the wire currently in the welder is .060, that seems a bit larger for this type or rating of a welder? That is what else I don't know, what size wire for common autobody type stuff?

I am still hunting and figure I better post this as I started typing it like 2 Hours ago!.



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replying to Kenny, Lou wrote: Hello , Kenny I'd like to ask If the ; Blue point model # MB120A , can be used to weld with ; Flux Core arc -wire ,system / FCAW, . this machine is set for stainless steel , & Aluminum set on positive -can the Polarity be Switched onto ; Negative to accommodate ( FCAW ) if so which wires are are the correct Two?

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