Should I buy this Miller Bobcat 225??

I have been offered a brand-new, leftover stock, Miller Bobcat 225. Price is $1800. Still in the cardboard box.

This looks like a no-brainer, but I would appreciate any wisdom from the group.

I would buy it and sell my 5.5kW Generac generator.


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Best price I saw was in the $2300.00 range. If your not interested, I am- I'd jump on it. it's a great unit all the way around really. If you pass it up please post or shoot me an E-mail I would be a willing buyer -Where is it at- I don't want to sound like a claim jumper but I'm in the market for starting to build out a welding trailer.


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I have the Bobcat 225 with the Onan motor, which is comparable to what you are being offered. As far as price, it's a good deal compared to $2900 new.

Here are a few things to consider (which you may have already thought about):

  1. You are going from a 180# unit to a 500# unit. I would recommend a wheel kit. I was able to find a used one that could be adapted for about 0. The new ones are about 0.

  1. While the Kohler motor is a bit more fuel efficient than the Onan, the bigger motor will be more thirsty than the Generac. You won't be drawing 8000-10,000 watts very often.

  2. While 180# can be easily handled by 3 adults of average strength, if you want to transport the Bobcat other than on its wheel kit, either a pickup or trailer is needed, plus a lifting device. I use an A-frame with a 3-ton chain hoist to raise the machine above truck bed level.

  1. Since it IS a welding machine, better throw in another 0 for leads, helmet, safety equipment and a few boxes of welding rod. 10# of

1/8" 6011 and 10# of 1/8" 6013.

So. It k>I have been offered a brand-new, leftover stock, Miller Bobcat 225.

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Thomas Kendrick

Turns out its a Bobcat 225NT.


Not too worried about that. It won't get enough hours per year to lose any sleep over it.

True. Eventually I'll have a trailer to transport it. For now it will stick around the shop. (No, pun intended.)

I am already well stocked... this is the *second* machine, though the first engine-driven one.

Will report my results later...


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