Meaning of Symbol on Miller Bobcat 250 Fuel Gauge

Hi Guys,
I have a Bobcat 250, that I bought for use as a generator.
I had to use it for a few hrs last night, I noticed a blinking symbol
on the fuel gauge that I can't find in the manual.
You can see the fuel gauge in the link below, the third picture.
On the lower left side you see a rectangle with two triangles point to
What does it represent?

formatting link

I paid $3,375 less than 4 years ago, it now goes for $4,800.
42% increase, but the government says inflation is low.
Thanks, Mikek
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That's the blinking hourglass symbol indicating the meter is accumulating engine run time hours.
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Pete C.
They must have thought I was smart enough to figure that out, so they didn't put it in the manual. :-) Thanks, Mikek
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