Lincoln Weldanpower 225?

I have a shot at what I believe is a Lincoln Weldanpower 225 for a decent price. Comes with leads, the guy said it was a good working welder until

1.5 years ago when the owner got sick, then eventually died. Now he says he doesn't know if it runs.

I'm inclined to gamble and pick it up.

Not too much info on these old beasts. It's sheet metal is a little rusty, but the face still looks pretty straight and clean.

Any opinions?


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Grant Erwin
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The Weldanpower 225 is a early to mid 80's unit, powered by ONAN IIRC. Onan motors are suspect due to the exremely high cost of spare parts. If it's broke, you will be too after you fix it.

Other than that it is a nice little utility welder generator for the farmer/ rancher/ maintenance person. 5 kw max but some issues on how much you can draw from any one outlet. Duty cyle is only 25% at max output so it is not in the Ranger or Bobcat class. AC only makes it a basic stick welder.

I was looking at one a couple months back, guy wanted $750 for it, came down to $650. I thought that was a fair price but not a "I can't pass it up" price. It would have replaced a 4kw generator with buzz box and/or

120volt mig that I have been using for the same application (emergancy repair at the race track) At $400 I would have written a check on the spot.

If the model number is not correct, be sure to pull up the appr> I have a shot at what I believe is a Lincoln Weldanpower 225 for a decent

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Could be any of Kohler, Wisconsin, Onan or Briggs & Stratton.

I picked it up today for scrap price, $75. The motor is incomplete and won't run as is. I'll take it to the guy in Seattle who knows these inside & out one day soon, don't have time today.


RoyJ wrote:

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Grant Erwin

I bought one new in 1987. It was an Onan. It welded great, and I had no problems with it. I sold it in 1994. But that's only my experience. Others may not have gotten a good one, and the guy who bought mine could have had problems the next day. Only thing I did was replace the battery a couple of times. It ran on the job for a very long time.


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