Lincoln Weldanpower 150-- No arc

I recently bought a Lincoln WeldanPower 150 type 19721D with a 10 HP
Kohler K241PS engine (made @1980). the magneto had been forced
onto the front housing crooked and the alignment ring burred so that the
magneto shoe rubbed against the flywheel magnet hard enough to melt the
magneto coil, I replaced the magneto coil and tested the tickle voltage coil
(excites the alternator) it tested OK.
The first time I used the welder and generator it worked perfectly, but the
time there was only a very weak spark off the stinger, It would not work on
dial setting and a thorough check of the cables revealed no problems there.
The engine runs well and the 110 Volt was close to 60 cycles on AC at high
The .pdf download manual from Lincoln shows a full wave bridge and I'm
wondering if that's where I look first. What I'm really looking for is a
step by
step procedure to locate the source of the problem.
thanks, David
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David Anderson
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Normal debugging procedure is to test for voltage at the output, and work backwards up the circuit. It would help if you had an oscilloscope, but that's a lot to ask for from a welder. :-)
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Grant Erwin

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