problem w/obtuse fillet

Hi, I'm trying to TIG a 130 degree fillet that has to have a 3/16"
throat. My first try using a single pass I got a good looking weld but
the throat is only half of what it should be. The penetration is
good (I looked at the cross section).
Later I worked it out mathematically and found a flat face weld will
actually require about 6 inches of 1/8" filler per inch of weld. The
resulting face of the weld is a whopping 0.8" wide.
I guess my question is what would be better at this point: Should I
weave widely and accomplish the weld in one pass or should I use
multiple passes? I was concerned that multiple passes might compound
weld stresses.
Here's the details of my first attempt:
base plate: 1/4 mild steel
angled plate: 3/16 mild steel
200A, 3/32 electrode w/standard point, gas lens w/#6 cup, 5/16"
stickout, 16 cfh argon, 1/8" E70-S6 filler
Miller Dynasty 200
structural steel
I was tempted to try a bigger filler rod if they make it (5/32?) but I
read here that it tends to pull heat out of the pool, and my machine is
working at its peak already.
Any help appreciated.
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Multiple smaller passes will give LESS distortion than one big weld.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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