Lincoln tombstone for TIG

Has anybody used a Lincoln 225 ac/dc welder for TIG? Lincoln has/had a kit to convert the machine to a rudementary scratch start tig unit. It included the torch, hose, cable, regulator and flowmeter, and an adapter for the power cord. I think the adapter connected the cord to a 110 VAC source, but I'm not sure. I have everything but the adapter and a tank of argon, and need to know if its what I remember it to be. I'll be welding some steel parts. If anyone has any experience with such a rig I'd like to hear about it.

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Tom Wait
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I had a setup as you decribe with the exception the adapter I had had High Frequency start. You can Tig with it but you only have the one setting for the current you are set to. I found it frustrating in some positions and prone to blow thru's on thin stock.

Before I would go this route I would save my pennys and pick up a inverter machine like the following:

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Gives you Tig Stick, and plasma cutter to boot. It draws less power than my Lincoln SW175 and more portable. I'm trying to locate a demo unit to try before I buy.

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Jim Vrzal Holiday,Fl.

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