Water cooled TIG torch for Miller 180SD

Hi folks,

I have a Miller 180SD and would like to do some TIG welding on aluminum 5/16" pieces for a custom throttle linkage I'm building for my Jeep. The unit came with a WP17 torch and I think I would like to try and upgrade to a water cooled SR18. Picked the SR18 so collets etc. would interchange.

1) Will the SR18 1 piece cable assembly work with the Miller 180SD cable connection? Adapters needed for this?

2) Will not be using this setup all the time, so I'd like to just run the water from a connection to a garden hose and just let it drain outside (live in a rural area). Do I need a pressure regulator for the incoming water supply to do this, or can I just adjust the flow?

3) If making short welds is the 180SD capable of doing this type of fabrication?

4) Finally, would a WP26 200A torch be a better way to do this?

Thanks for any advice Big Smile Luke

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Miller, Lincoln and CK Worldwide all sell an adpater for mounting a water cooled torch on tha machine. Your machine uses a DINSE connector with the gas passed through the connector. To run a water cooled torch you just need a water cooled torch and the adapter. You will also need a few fittings to hook up your water in and out to the adapter.

No pressure regulator is needed, but I highly re4commend a water filter to prevent sediment from clogging your torch head. I use a simple drinking water filter as used in a kitchen for mine.

Yes but you may need to warm your parts first with a propane torch since you are going to be operating at the output limit of your machine. A Argon/Helium gas mix will help a lot with penetration on heavy aluminum.

A WP-26 is a 200 amp air cooled torch. It can handle the amps but will still get very warm from running at 180 amps. A water cooled torch is a better solution.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Hello Ernie,

I did a search for the DINSE water cooled adapter and found numerous items that would do the job. ARC-ZONE has a Weldcraft kit (P/N Q5WGT) for $40 for connecting the WP18 to the Miller 180SD. They also have a nice section on connection and setup with diagrams.

They did recommend a regulator and filter. Weldcraft torch bodies are rated a 50 PSI which is a little low for water pressure here in the Trinity Alps. I found an expensive regulator for drip irrigation systems that I think will work. I'm going to take your approach and use a household cartrige style water filter to guard against sediment and particulates.

Thanks again for your help.

Regards Luke

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