Replacing the torch cable on a Miller Diversion 165

I managed to mangle the torch cable by pulling it against a running grinding wheel; did not notice what was happening until it nearly cut through.

I have the replacement cable, but it is not clear how to detach the old cable.

There is a rubber boot leading up to fitting, which is attached to case with two nuts.

Right against the case is a thin nut, then right against this is a regular size nut that can be moved with a standard open end wrench.

The rubber boot cannot be pull away from fitting, so that leaves turning one or both of the nuts.

If I turn the large nut without holding the thin nut in place may twist/damage internal wiring.

I can get or fabricate a thin wrench to hold (or turn?) then thin nut if needed, but just afraid I will damage something trying to figure this out.

Any help is appreciated.

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Bart K
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has a picture , if your replacement looks like this you just unscrew the fitting .

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Terry Coombs

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