NGC torch question

I was scrounging around today and came across a rather neat little
torch handle. Its made of black anodized aluminum with a chrome or
stainless end where the mixer screws on. The wand(?) which screws into
the mixer has an ID threaded hex end where the nozzle should be and no
The only markings I can find are the letters FE and S stamped on the
chrome/stainless end, and the words NCG Fuel and NCG Oxy on the two
valves. While scrounging around in the box I found the brand new mixer
and tip that screws into the mixer. The Mixer is marked
Im pretty sure that these go together.
There were 3 of these handles, all marked as having been rebuilt, with
plastic caps on the fittings.
The closest thing I could find in the box to a nozzle, is a straight
piece about 1/4" ID, that threads into the end of the tip but its just
a straight piece of pipe type of thing with no orfices.
Its very light, balances like a dream, very slick.
What the dickens do I have? Where do I get the proper tip?
I gave $25 for it, and a Victor 315 handle with a CA 1050 cutting head
on it. Like I needed another big, clunky awkward torch...
As loose as the valves are on the Victor, I figure the o rings are
Any info on the NCG torch? I was told that these and a whole bunch of
Lincoln/Miller/LTech NOS parts and rebuild parts for torches, came
from the SteelCase company when they closed down in So. Cal.
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I believe NCG stands for National Carbonic Gas co. They were the forerunners of US Airweld, Oxweld and other large compressed gas companies. They all made/make torches to help sell the gas. Bugs
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Look under Rego, i have the same torch NCG/Rego, good stuff i have been using mine since 1968. You can find tips, cutting attachments etc, on ebay pretty cheap.
Best Regards Tom.
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All I could find were cutting tips. This is set up for brazing. Ill take a picture of it in the morning and post it somewhere.
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