TIG 18 Series torch selection advice

Hello folks,
I recently posted a message for help with connecting a water cooled
torch to my Miller 180SD. Erine pointed me in the direction for
finding adapters and addressed some of my other concerns.
After looking through some of the various manufactures (Weldcraft, CK,
Parweld, etc.) I realized I need a little advice on choosing an 18
series torch. I like quality, but being retired has made me a little
frugal. I have bought components for WP17 and found that though some
of the non name brand pieces are not as pretty, but they function just
fine for my limited use.
CK claims their CK18 runs much cooler than the Weldcraft WP18, but
seems to be a little more expensive. Weldcraft seems to have good
quality, but is Parweld or the SR series that is available at
Weldingdirect.com not functionally equivalent. I guess what I'm
looking for is some personal input from those that have actually had
their hands on these tools.
Lastly are the vinly hoses acceptable or are they too stiff to work
with comfortably?
Any advice is most appreciated.
Big Smile
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Luke Warmwater
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I like Weldcraft Crafter series torches, and al of CK's torches. I recently changed my main TIG torch head from a CK230 to a CK230Flex, and I love it. Flexheads are worth the extra bucks just for the versatility it gives the torch.
CK's main benefit is the size of te water cooling channels in the head.
I like the look of Tec Torches new line of swappable head TIG torches called iHead. Nice versatility. Weldcraft has a similar system.
Vinyl hoses work fine for larger torches. When you get to sub 100 amp torches the superflex cables are worth the extra bucks.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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