Thermal Arc 300 GTSW Torch Connections

I bought a new unused thermal arc 300GTSW from a
widow on Easter. Her husband bought it and fell
ill before ever using it. ( saw the receipt, he
paid 10x what I did) . She had moved and the torch
kit was lost in the move.
i need to be able to hook up both water cooled and
air cooled torches. I am buying all the torches
new , no need to retrofit. I have seen some
disconnects on EBAY from weldcraft that look like
what I need , but I am not sure and I can not find
any 50mm connectors ( the manual calls them 50mm)
even though they look like 12 mm
Any one out there using this machine and have part
Also looking for a voltage meter for the machine
part number 10-4000 if anyone stumbles across one
thanks Chris
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Chris Henry
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those "50mm" connections should also be called Dinse connectors and are common worse comes to worse ask at the welding shop or bring the machine in and check against a connector
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