Water cooled TIG torch without water?

I have a 20-25 tig torch. I wanted to do some tig welding this weekend, but, unfortunately, the water connectors have not arrived. Can I try to tig weld small things at some low amperage?

what would be a safe amperage to try, if it is possible?


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You won't hurt anything, it will take light work no problem, just don't get nuts. Once the body gets hot it will need a little longer to cool off. Compressed air through it will also have a cooling effect if you have a compressor to push some air through it the torch will run cooler longer.


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I ran our TIG torch inverter at 30-50 amps. for thin Plates w/out overheating the air cooled torch. Yes, Rob is right you can use compressed air through the port of the water connection and just let it flow out.

Austri (Philipp> You won't hurt anything, it will take light work no problem, just don't get

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I inadvertently tried this when I forgot to turn the water cooler pump on. The power lead to the torch runs through the water in hose so the water cools the cable and lets a smaller wire be used. The net of this is the power lead melted through the water cable and I had to replace this rather expensive part. I would wait for the water connectors unless you want to spend another week waiting for part to repair your torch.

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