Stick welder as tig power supply?

Im a newbe to this newsgroup, and have been wondering if it would be
practical to use a DC stick welder as the power supply for a tig welder.
I have a regulator, (from an old cheap, and dead, mig welder), and a
Power-Mate AC/DC welder that goes from 20 to 140 amps on DC. Could I
just get a tig torch, ($30 from Harbor Freight), and use the stick
welder as the power supply? I realise that I would have no pulse,
stitch, or HF start capability, but neither do any of the less than
$1200 dollar tig units. If this set-up would be practical could it be
used effectively on 16 gage sheet steel?
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Mike Swift
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Yes it will work. The torch will need a gas valve in the handle, and you will have to scratch start.
DC Electrode Negative for steel, stainless steel, bronze, copper, and most other metals.
DC Electrode Positive + a large tungsten, for aluminum and magnesium.
Argon shielding gas.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Just my 2 cents worth. Doing this is like taking a Toyota and trying to make it into a Lexus. I believe you would be better off finding an older used TIG machine that you could afford than trying to make a stick machine into a TIG. You'd be way better off in the long run.
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That's the way it was done in the past, AC/DC, DC arc welding machines where used for TIG welding by adding a TIG torch. Some welders would add on a high frequency box to allow AC TIG welding of aluminum. Most welders that have few years under them remember those days.
Using stick arc welding machines is a cheap way to learn your basics skills and some long lost TIG welding skills (scratch start / roll out). I think there are less people today with the skills to TIG weld without foot amp/start controls, high frequency arc start, programed settings, and pulser control.
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That's the way it's still done in the construction world. No foot pedals when you weld piping in position. Some of the slickest welds you will ever see are made with an old Lincoln pipeliner with a tig torch attached. And this is critical, high pressure work.
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The following page has a thumbnail at the bottom of a weld on a stainless pipe. It was done with a toyota.
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I also have some welds made with a small 80 amp power supply at
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Though bells and whistles are nice, they sound better with a skilled operator :)
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Gerald Austin

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