wire feeder on Tig/stick welder

A friggin' monster wire feed welder followed "The Kid" home from the auction yesterday. The power supply box is a 3 phase antique, but it has a real nice Lincoln Electric LN-7 wire feeder on it.

Can I just hook this wire feeder up to my Lincoln IdealArc 300/300 TIG stick welder? I see all wire feed welders say volts on the knob and all Tig/stick say amps.


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Karl Townsend
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Fitch has run an LN-7 off his Lincoln Ranger -- which is a stick machine. He says it worked fine.

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Don Foreman

"Karl Townsend" wrote in message news:SIO5f.16835$ snipped-for-privacy@newsread1.news.pas.earthlink.net...

Yes, been there done that. Works quite well, just needs a little getting used to since the ocv is higher for stick welders than migs you will notice that the wire will want to burn back up the copper tip if the feed is set to low so sheet metal will be hard to weld with this setup but its great for nonstop welding on heavier plate. Of course you machine must be setup for DC output and the HF set off.

Best Regards Tom.

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