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what size wire do I need from breaker box to the outlet box for a 230 amp welder? Is a size 10-3 sufficient?

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10-3 usually means three conductors plus a ground. So that is probably not the cheapest stuff.

Next all 230 amp welders are not the same. Look on the name plate to see what the maximum current drawn by the welder. Inverter welders can use smaller wire. Welders with power factor correction can use smaller wire.

And how long will the circuit be? You might need larger wire for a longer run.

The specs for the Lincoln 225 amp AC welder says the max input current is 50 amps at 230 volts. 10 gauge is not big enough for that.


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You will most likely use a 60 amp 230 volt circuit. 30 amp on each hot wire. 6 gage has a max power transmission of 37 amps/ wire. I would probably use 4-4. This has a max current capacity of 60 amps/ wire. 2 hot, 1 neutral and separate ground. If you are unsure you could always ask at the place where you are going to buy the wire

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Is that 230 amp, or 230 volt?

Does your welder have a nameplate that lists its current requirements?

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Actually the manual did specify a 60amp 230 volt circuit. I can run

1/4" stick so around 300 amp max weld current. If I got a bigger welder I would need 3 phase.
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It looks like you do not understand how electricity works. Maybe should consider hiring an electrician.

I would use 6 gauge wire, to answer your original question.

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