How can i increase amperage output in my 80 amp lincoln century mig/flux welder

I need to know what modifications i need to do to increase amperage from a 80 amp lincoln century mig flux welder. What can i add, replace or modify internally in the welder to increase amp output?


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It's actually pretty easy. Just jack up the cover and slide a more powerful welder underneath. To not be so flip, the transformer in the machine limits current output, so you would need to replace the transformer to get more amperage out of it. And then maybe replace a current sensor or heat sensor that shuts down the machine when it gets too hot. And then maybe replace the cable and gun because the ones you have now are designed for a lower amperage than you want. And the rectifier might need to be upgraded also. You would be better off selling it and buying a bigger machine. How much current do you need? You might be limited by the power available. If you anly have a 120 volt circuit to plug into that limits your options to low current machines. Do you have a torch? You can weld heavier sections by pre-heating the metal. Harbot Freight sells a weed burner that works great for heating up large pieces of steel or aluminum. Eric

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I have an older Century MIG about that size. When I took it to welding class the instructor demonstrated neatly joining 3/16" steel plates, without preheat.


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Jim Wilkins

Would it help / is it doable to turn the job so you are always welding vertical-up? That's a way of getting penno and getting small welding sets to weld thick components...

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Richard Smith

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