NEED tig torch parts

I have an old Esab Heliweld 350 amp water cooled tig torch model H35-C. I'm looking for collets and cups. I went to my local welding stores and they just wanted to sell me a new torch (go figure). There is nothing wrong with my torch. I just have only one 1/8" collet and 1 #5 cup. Any leads or advice is appreciated. Thanks, Vince

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ESAB TIG torches are standard torches. What you have is a standard #3 series torch. Any #3 parts made by any manufacturer will fit your torch.

CK, Weldcraft, Weldtec, WNI, Binzel, Tectorch, all make parts that wil fit your torch.

Aglevtech is an eBay seller who specializes in TIG parts. He has very good prices.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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