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Hello Am going to work part time for a company that make small Stainless Steel parts , looked at the welding area and TIG Torch that they have been using is a little smaller than a ball bat , over the years I have been using mostly the Linde or Weldcraft WP-20 and WP-18 with the latter for very heavy Alum. , am wondering if anybody has had experience with the WP-9 Gas Cooled Torch by Weldcraft , Cups and Collets are interchangeable with the 20 and it looks lightweight , one model uses a single hose/cable and the other uses a separate Gas hose and Power cable , at least that's what the advertisement shows , anyway I am going to be working on fairly light S.S. , probably less than 50 amps. most of the time , any suggestions would be appreciated . Thanks Phil L.

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...am wondering if anybody has had experience with the WP-9 Gas Cooled

I have a #9 torch and it's great for lower amperage work. Under 100 amps it's really nice. Just make sure that you get a super-flex cable to really take advantage of the small size and light weight of the torch.

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I have a Lincoln LA-9 gas cooled which I belive is a Weldcraft WP-9. It is the first and only Tig torch I ever used. The gas cooling is fine for anything under about 80 Amps. God to about 120 Amps if you are using it intermitantly. I would say its perfect for what your doing with one caviate. The single hose cable arangement is very inflexible. I consider it to be a bad idea. I am going to replace my torch with a WP-9 or similare with a seperate cable and gas line. I really would like a water cooled unit as I am currently working up in the 160 Amp range.

John Roncallo

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weldcrafts website is a joke it really needs updating

the weldcraft part numbers end in SF if they have a super flex torch if i remember right In a feqw hours i'll bve able to check a box since i kept my torches original box

I'll check

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