Ground question

I have a most basic question.
Suppose that I want to join two pieces, like two pipes or to make a
butt joint.
Until there is enough weld between them, the contact between these
pieces would be relatively poor. That means that both pieces need to
be connected to ground. So, I need to own two ground clamps or
improvise in some other way.
Is that correct?
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I only use one ground attachment. It does not take much to get two pieces tacked together and then there is just one piece. It is possible that two ground connections will prevent the current in the work from blowing the arc around. But it generally is not a problem.
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Many people use a metal table of some kind as their welding table - in this case you just put the ground on the table and anything resting on it is grounded.
Generally, in my fit-up, the two pieces of metal are touching, so that makes it work.
I have never had an issue with this or had anyone mention it to me in the classes I have taken...
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Try it with one first. I've never seen anyone fit 2 pieces of steel together and have to ground them both.
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Grant Erwin
Usually it's not a problem. Most times, the two parts to be joined are clamped in some manner. If there _is_ a problem, a quick solution is to put a small metal wedge in the joint, until you get at least one tack done.
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Wayne Bengtsson

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