esab ltl 160 tig

hi, does anybody know if the ESAB LTL-160 invertig is suitable for welding aluminium ? is this welder a high frequency tig , ? cause i was told thats what you need for welding aluminium.


mark k

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mark krawczuk
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Hi Mark, I cant comment on this welder, but AC is what is needed for aluminum. Most lower end welders are DC only (stainless and mild steel etc).


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Shaun Van Poecke

it IS possible to weld Al using DCEN tig. That having been said it is difficult and not recommended as there are special techniques and the welds despite being of an acceptable strength look very ugly. Its very difficult to do and the professional welders here avoid it in almost every case.

it is a thousand times easier to weld Using AC.

High frequency is not what you NEED for aluminiun you Need Alternating current

I made that mistake and bought a DC only welder to tig weld and found i was not yet good enough to acceptably weld aluminium using DC

you need ot look for AC/DC welders and almost every one you will find WILL do HF too but the important thing is the AC

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