Pictures Of A Weld

Has anyone here got a picture of two items that have been Arc Welded
together 'professionally'? I've just started and I've got a nice constant
size continuous bead and although it looks good in my eyes I was wondering
how it compared to other peoples...
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Go to Yahoo or Google and search their image data base under "weld bead" etc.
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A Google search under "welding bead images" revealed 699,000 hits in .14 seconds. Where would you like me to start?
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Steve B
how about #1? ;-)
Or even better, go to, then where you can choose 'web, images, groups, news' etc, click on 'images'. now type in 'welding bead' and you'll see the images on the screen. the first 5 pages should sate your apetite... even better; use your imagination. how about arc welding bead, stick welding bead, best welding bead, failed weld, bad weld, poor weld, tig welding bead, mig welding bead, certified welding bead, pressure vessel weld, etc etc.....
i feel sick of welding already and i havent even picked up a gun today ;-)
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Shaun Van Poecke

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