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I'm planing to by a tig welder soon, and have been looking at the Miller dynasty 200dx. It doesn't come with any cables, torches or foot pedal. They do have a contractors kit that has all those, but the tig torch that comes in the kit isn't listed on their web site.

I can buy all the parts separate, but I'm not sure what kind of torch to get. What should I look for in a tig torch? I think I can get by for now with an air cooled one, as I will be using it for thinner things at first.

How are tig torches connected up to the power supply? Is there a separate gas hose, or is it all built into the connector?

Any recommendations?


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Usually a twist lock connector. Water cooled torches have two connectors for incoming / outgoing water.

It's separate, but bundled with the electrical cable so that it's almost 'built in'.


Log to: sci.engr.joining.welding Those guys are professionals and will be happy to answer questions and provide solid recommendations.

I use a CK flex head with super flex cables. It is really nice.

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Usually people buy a WP-20 style torch, available from numerous places for a little over $100. It is water cooled however, but much more convenient due to its lighter weight. You would need to shell out $$$ for the water cooler.

IIRC the gas hose is separate, but water runs through the 45V11 connector that is also electrically energized.

If you buy your Dynasty at a welding supplier, they wil explain everything.

Water cooled torch would be my suggestion. If you are spending this kind of money on a Dynasty, you might as well get the full benefit of this welder.

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You can cool a torch with a continuous trickle from you water supply, and just send it to drain. I did it for many years. The only hazard is freezing conditions. You will usually burn up the torch before you realize you are getting hot.

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