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Hello, Thanks for the info. I figured that I could use the Stickmate but was curious if anyone had actually used it for TIG. I have used the small lunch box sized 110 volt Miller welder before and found that it works great as a Tig welder. But the Miller sells for around $700 to $800. The Hobart Stickmate sells for $389 at the local farm store. I already have an air cooled tig torch, hose, regulator and tank, so I think it might work for me. I did check the link that you posted. I might have to try it if I need to go with lower amps. Thanks for the info. Dean.

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Dean Buske
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Has anyone ever had experience tig welding using the Hobart Stickmate® > LX 235 AC / 160 DC? > I don't need lift arc or high freq. Just a nice welder I can use for > tig welding small projects in my garage. > I TIG weld pipe on my job. Have used many different machines to TIG, > but never the Hobart Stickmate. It's fairly inexpensive at $400. > Just wondering if anyone has used one for TIG? > Thanks. > Dean. >

Sure, you could do it. Check out the web page via the link at the bottom of this post for more info. It will work with the Stickmate AC/DC CC as well. The kit below allows for going to lower amps than normally available via the OEM machine itself.

So technically you could just purchase a small air-cooled torch, flowmeter regulator, gas tank,(and needed cable connectors) and you could do scratch start Tig, with the Stickmate AC/DC model. If the machines amperage range is within your use purposes. If you need to use amps lower than your machine normally allows for the purposes you intent to use it for, you could buy this kit and use lower amperages than what is normally available via the machines amp range.(for really thin stuff) Another words if you wanted to go lower than the 30 amps the machine provides for your intended uses, you could use this guys tig kit, if not, a small air-cooled torch with valve,flowmeter regulator, and gas tank is all you need for scratch start tig work (DC). You can do this with any CC buzzbox DC machine for that matter for DC tig welding.

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