Lincoln invertor Welder for sale CC/CV 350AMP

I wish I could use this, but I don't have 3 phase. I bought it thinking it was a plasma cutter and was buying it for a friend(it was listed that way on ebay,the guy was not a welder and he got it with a plasma torch head and thought that's what it was)since I already received and paid for it and it is such a nice unit I decided to keep it and see if I could get the power co. to hook up 3 phase to my shop, after talking to them I realized that since I have not won the FL.lottery nor am I related to anybody that has there own oil wells:) this was not possible. So now the lucky ones who have

3 phase get a chance at it. I thought I would let the people on the news net that have given me so much free info and good reading a chance at it before I list it on ebay or other ways-Here is the info on the unit. This is a brand new never hooked up Lincoln(France) inverter welder made for UNITOR ship supply co.-(co. supplies equipment for large ships world wide) It is a constant current/constant voltage DC multiprocessor welder-MIG-TIG-STICK ,Mod. # UNITOR-UWI-350 MP, output max open circuit voltage 34V ,350 max amps. @ 100% duty,250 amps @ 60% duty,180 amps @100% duty,input 3 phase 50 or 60 cycle-unit can be hooked up to almost any MIG unit such as the LN25 Lincoln mig or the Ready welder. The control plug can be set up for a foot pedal for DC TIG or for thumb wheel there are several service centers located in the USA-TX-FL-WA-OR-all over The best one for this unit is in Jacksonville FL and I will give you the number for it. It has a full crash cage and is intended for use in corrosive and severe conditions (circuit boards are coated and contacts are gold,according to service center) This is a tough,heavy duty industrial machine. Yet it is small enough to fit in my Hundi scope trunk and light enough to pick up and carry(I can pick it up with one hand and carry it around,but I tend to resemble one of our more hairy ancestors:) ) I will supply you with the exact size,weight upon request. The retail cost for it is well in excess of 3000.00 but I did not pay anywhere near that much and will just let it go for the best reasonable offer.(Reasonable please or maybe some trade and money,I am not easily offended but remember it IS new:) ) If you wish pics send me a email or give me a call in FL at 407-877-6030 or 407-399-4356 and I will send you some thanks bill k
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Why not keep the nice welding machine and invest in a phase generator for your shop? I don't know a lot about these sorts of things, more of an electrical engineering geek topic, but I know a fella that has one and likes it very well.


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