MIG gun for Hobart 27 WireFeed? (Mega-Flex 650 RVS)

I was messing with this Hobart Mega-Flex 650 RVS. This is a super
heavy MIG and stick, subarc and gouging welder with 600 amps at 100%
duty cycle capacity. I surely do not need this beast and will sell
it. I tested it and found it to work.
Pictures are here
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The problem is that is has a "Hobart 27" wire feed but no gun. (see pictures)
Tweco has an adaptor such that I can attach it and then I can use any
Tweco gun, but I thought that perhaps I can find a fitting Hobart gun
on ebay for less than the cost of tweco adapter and a tweco gun.
So. Anyone has any clue as to what MIG guns would fit this Hobart 27?
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Hm, so it already has a Tweco type connector?
Here's a good picture
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I can take more if necessary.
In any case, not all Tweco connections are the same, right? They go by number, I believe, is that right?
Very nice.
I would be hugely interested. Let me know.
I tried CC yesterday, and laid some nice beads.
Let me know what you find out Matt. Thanks a lot. I will appreciate a clarification on the existing connector in the above mentioned picture, also. I can take more pictures if necessary, it is in my garage right now, all hooked up.
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Hobart usually sold these with Bernard torches (if any), it has a Tweco type connector, (used to be Hobart connector but when Thermal Arc got the large welder line in the Miller/Hobart merger they changed the name).
The feeder is supported by Thermal Arc (type 17 and 27 still made but painted purple). Everything but the lump in the welder is also supported.
Lincoln post 1999 now uses this torch/gas connection also, with the Miller 4 pin dinse hookup.
I toss all the supplied torches anymore and use Binzel AlphaII so I'll look this weekend in the shed to see what I've got...
I might still have a Mega-Con feeder (uses the big dinse connector on the front and allows the RVS to work right) and would almost double the value of the machine.
As a note, unless you buy a modern welding machine with arc shape/profile programming, nothing but nothing will wire weld with that machine. The CC is also super smooth too.
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matthew maguire
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What is the input amps on 460? The photo looks like 46, but it seems to indicate 53 on 230.
Are you certain you want to sell it? How much, and how much does it weigh, where are you?
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106 amps 3 phase at 230v 53 amps 3 phase 460 volts
A little less in CC mode.
It runs fine on my phase converter, though, of course, not at the maximum setting.
It weighs about 800 lbs, that would be my guess, I will take $700 for it (without the MIG gun), I am 25 miles west of Chicago. When I opened it up to rewire for 230 volts, I was surprised as to how clean it was inside, it was not used much.
It is nice, but just too big for me. Between stick and TIG, I am more or less satisfied. I am going back and forth between wanting and not wanting to do MIG, but this machine is way too big even if I wanted MIG.
If I had a factory, or a bigger shop, I would keep it.
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The adapter "looks" to be either an older bernard twist lock or possibly the "euro" connector (like ESAB uses). I'll have to look and see if I have an extra tweco type.
Something strange about the Nema tag, I'll see if I can dig up some late 80s, docs on these machines...
probably be this weekend though.
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matthew maguire
Matt, thanks a lot. I spent a couple of hours researching this. My final decision was to buy a Hobart 27 to Lincoln Magnum 400 adaptor for $46. I have a used Lincoln Magnum 400 gun so I can hook that up with that adaptor.
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But the Magnum 400 is not a mig gun, it's a sledge hammer, lol...
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matthew maguire

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